Advanced Control Box - with Sun Mode™ For DIY's

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The Advanced Control Box with Sun Mode™ automatically adjusts opening and closing times to match your local sunrise/sunset times. After a one-time setup, you simply set the number of minutes before/after sunrise or sunset that you want your coop door to open and close, and Sun Mode updates open and close times daily, FOREVER!  It can be powered with 4 AA Batteries (not included), electric with power chord (included) or with our Solar Kit (sold separately).

Advanced Control Box features in addition to Sun Mode:

  • Timer Mode to set the exact time you would like your Auto Door to open and close;
  • Second Chance option (with preset opening interval) so late comers aren’t stuck outside
  • Override Mode to temporarily take control of your open- and close settings without losing presets
  • Manual Mode to move the door at will without overriding any calibrated door settings
  • Setup Mode for easily changing settings
  • Battery backup (5.5 month operation with regular use) preserves operation and presets in the event of power failure
  • AM/PM or 24-hour clock operation
  • Scrolling speed control
  • Lithium IC clock (time and other settings are unaffected by outages)
  • Onscreen low battery LED indicator
  • Onboard Instructions, so there are no paper manuals to keep track of
  • Plug-and-play compatibility with the Coop Auto Door Solar Kit – run the unit on solar with a battery backup if you have no power at your coop

Additional Specifications:

  • LCD display – buttons to calibrate door settings, stop and step functions for fine tuning open and close positions
  • Operates below 0° Fahrenheit operation – components qualified to -30°
  • Dirt/moisture protected PCB-sealed gearbox and bearings
  • Six pounds (standard door weight)
  • Low maintenance
  • 30-day product/parts warranty
  • 1-year motor warranty