Advanced Automatic Coop Door - with Sun Mode™

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The Advanced Automatic Coop Door with Sun Mode™ automatically adjusts opening and closing times to match your local sunrise/sunset times. After a one-time setup, you simply set the number of minutes before/after sunrise or sunset that you want your coop door to open and close, and Sun Mode updates open and close times daily, FOREVER!

Automatic Coop Door features in addition to Sun Mode:

  • Timer Mode to set the exact time you would like your Auto Door to open and close;
  • Second Chance option (with preset opening interval) so late comers aren’t stuck outside
  • Override Mode to temporarily take control of your open- and close settings without losing presets
  • Manual Mode to move the door at will without overriding any calibrated door settings
  • Setup Mode for easily changing settings
  • Battery backup (5.5 month operation with regular use) preserves operation and presets in the event of power failure
  • AM/PM or 24-hour clock operation
  • Scrolling speed control
  • Lithium IC clock (time and other settings are unaffected by outages)
  • Onscreen low battery LED indicator
  • Onboard Instructions, so there are no paper manuals to keep track of
  • Plug-and-play compatibility with the Coop Auto Door Solar Kit – run the unit on solar with a battery backup if you have no power at your coop

Additional Specifications:

  • LCD display – buttons to calibrate door settings, stop and step functions for fine tuning open and close positions
  • Operates below 0° Fahrenheit operation – components qualified to -30°
  • Dirt/moisture protected PCB-sealed gearbox and bearings
  • Six pounds (standard door weight)
  • Low maintenance
  • 30-day product/parts warranty
  • 1-year motor warranty


The frame (33” x 12” x 3”) fits over a 10.5” wide, 12” tall opening and is constructed of composite material that is impervious to the elements and provides a sturdy, easy-to-clean surface.

 Best of all, Coop Auto Door installs in just four easy steps:

1. Cut a hole in your chicken coop
2. Attach the frame with four screws 
3. Supply Power
4. Follow setup instructions...and that's it!