Tips and Troubleshooting

  • The sunrise/sunset times calculated by Auto Door for my area are incorrect.
    1. Confirm that your clock setting for Current Time is accurate
    2. Confirm that your UTC time is accurate by searching “My UTC Time” on the web. UTC minutes should be the same as Current Time minutes. 
    3. Confirm that your longitude and latitude are correct by searching for “My NASA Coordinates” on the web. Confirm that you correctly entered negative value(s) by using the down arrow key, if required. Most locations in the US will have a negative longitude.
  • The motor in my control box only runs briefly in either the up or down position.
    Be sure that your control box door is fully closed. Depending on your Version, If the door is not fully closed, the control box will not receive the expected motor signals and the open control box door is condidered to be an electronic jam. If the door is not fully closed, the motor will run briefly to prevent damage to the motor.
  • My door is jammed in the up position and the motor seems stalled.
     First, open the Control Box Door and determine if the cord is twisted or caught between the spool and the bearing. You should be able to free the cord unless you do not have enough play in the cord. If you need more play in the cord, press the down arrow button briefly, multiple times. 
  • My door is jammed in the down position and the motor seems stalled. What should I do?
    Determine what is jamming the door and remove dirt, ice, or any visible obstruction. After unjamming the door, operate it manually using the Up/Down arrow buttons. Depending on your Version, be prepared to use the ESC/RUN button to stop the door if it does not stop when the arrow button is released. Enter SETUP Mode to recalibrate the door.
  • When I press the Down Arrow, my door goes up; when I press the Up Arrow, my door goes down. How can I fix this?
    If you have not installed your door and have access to the cord, press the down arrow button while holding the cord so that it remains taut in your hand. Continue pressing the Down Arrow until the spool starts winding in the opposite direction. When the cord is sufficiently wound on the spool so that you no longer need to hold the cord to keep it taut, stop the motor by releasing the down arrow button. Now, enter SETUP Mode to recalibrate the door. When the unit is functioning properly, reattach the metal panel. NOTE: If you have already installed your door and do not have access to the cord, you may need to remove the front panel of your AUTO DOOR to gain access to the cord.
  • I press the RUN/ESC button and my AUTO DOOR display turns on for a second and then goes blank.
    Remove power from your unit and wait 10-seconds before reconnecting. If you are using battery backup, be sure to remove at least one battery.  The problem should disappear. If it does not, please call customer service.
  • I have completed all SETUP functions including Clock Setup, Door Calibration, Coordinates Setup and UTC Setup (in Advanced Model) but I cannot set Timer Mode or Sun Mode (in the Advanced Model).
    1. Enter SETUP Mode and confirm that hash symbols (#) appear next to Clock Setup and Door Calibration. If you do not see hash symbols, complete the setup procedures as required.
    2. Press RUN/ESC to turn on your device. If you do not see a screen that is entitled NO MODE ACTIVE or TIMER MODE ACTIVE, or SUN MODE ACTIVE or OVERRIDE MODE, please contact customer service. If your screen says NO MODE ACTIVE you must activate a Mode.  If your  screen says OVERRIDE MODE, you must deactivate OVERRIDE MODE.