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We live at 10,000 feet in the Colorado Rocky Mountains and the Coop Auto door has been a huge upgrade to our coop (we actually call it a "sedan" because it has more than two doors). Our original door was the standard one and we had issues programming it due to our lack of skill in such matters.  After discussions with Flemming personnel, we were sent an upgrade which was much easier to program.  This door has the option to change the second chance door opening after closure at night and the option to have it open and close based on sunrise and sunset.  We have programmed it to stay open for 4 minutes before closing permanently for the night on the second chance.  We also programmed it to open/close by sunrise/sunset at our location, with an offset for the ridges east and west of us.  It has operated flawlessly since installation and programming, even in our down to 30 degree below zero F temperatures.  It was painlessly easy to install, program, and operate.  Our chickens love it…and so do we since we no longer have to trudge through fresh snow at sunup each morning!

- Tom W.

chicken coop door opener

"We are first time backyard chicken owners and when my husband built the coop we knew we wanted to have the security of an automatic door since we both work. This has been such a relief off our minds especially when we work late or when it gets dark really early we know the chickens are safe."

- Jo Anne P.

automatic chicken door

Great auto door. Love it. Very easy to install and set up. We got the advanced one going to order another one and install at fence. This weekend we ran water and electricity all under ground so plugs are inside no more extension cords. Company is also good at returning emails.

- Ted S.

Chicken door opener

Do you raise chickens and would you like to have an automatic door that opens and closes based on sunrise and sunset? This is the door for you. I give it Five Stars.

- John M.

Automatic Chicken door opener

Remcal Products Corp and Bird-In-Hand Pet structures have some of the best customer service I’ve ever experienced.  I took delivery of a commercially build chicken coop that incorporated one of their automatic doors.  When faced with a glitch that was potentially due to damage caused by the builder, I called Bird-In-Hand Pet structures for help.  Despite having no prior direct contact with Remcal or Bird-In-Hand Pet structures, they went to extraordinary lengths to ensure my satisfaction.  Elam and Denise patiently walked me through trouble-shooting over the phone.  Alicia quickly shipped me a replacement controller unit that arrived within 24 hours.  Thanks to their help, my automatic chicken door is working great again.  Dealing with Remcal Products Corp and Bird-In-Hand Pet structures was a refreshingly positive experience.  They stood behind their product and treated me like an old friend.

- Derek D.

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